Join A Team!

The 2017 Debbie Green Memorial 5K will include a team concept for this year's event. The team format is wide open with teams consisting of any groups of people who want to compete on the same team. Males, females, children, walkers and runners of all ages can form a team and compete in this year's event. The bigger the team the better! Special awards and recognition will be awarded to the top three largest teams in the 5K race. Overall times and finish places do not matter for these special team awards, only the total number of team members to finish matters! NOTE: Official team members are those that finish the 5K race.

Teams could be organized from businesses, churches, civic groups, corporations, hospitals, families or whoever wants to participate as a team and RACE FOR A REASON. The reason for this added team concept is to promote health and wellness in the community and to hopefully increase participation in this already successful event. THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR BEING A TEAM MEMBER! High school and college athletes are eligible for the team challenge, but cannot use a school name as a team. The Team Challenge is optional and NOT REQUIRED to participate in the weekend's events! Each team should have a team leader. There is a minimum of 3 members per team.

Let's get off of the couch and start training for this summer's premier road racing event. The weekly training and participation in the race will help you get on the road to a healthier future. Help your relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers get healthy by organizing a team and entering the 2017 Debbie Green Memorial 5K and Race For A Reason!

The Debbie Green 5K is part of the Washington County Grand Prix.


After the first, second and third place teams have been announced, a drawing will be held from all of the remaining teams for 3 additional steak fry prize for 20 people...EVERY TEAM HAS A CHANCE TO WIN!(Prize winners must claim their prizes by November 1st, 2017)

Kickoff Steak Fry

Undo's steak fry includes steak, baked potato and salad. To be an eligible team member, you must PRE-REGISTER! You must also wear your timing chip! Runners and walkers who are 18 and under are eligible to participate, but cannot use a school name as a team name.





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