Finish Line Coordinator - George Frazier

Finish Line Control - Ed Bednar and Frank Lander

Packet Pickup - Carolyn Rhodes and Raquel Bednar

Debbie's Dash - Jamie Rhodes, Robin Myers and Jill Byers

Registration - Karen Carlier, Joanne Williams, Debbie Frazier and Angelina Carlier

Course Control - Jim Rhodes, Tuffy Green

Awards Ceremony - Bonnie Macek and John Carlier

Additional Activities - Jessica Rhodes, Mike Byers, Herk Sparachane, Ricky Moore, Natasha Rynkievich and Laurie Snyder

City Operations - Tim Birch

Aid Stations - Tom Boyd, Okey Hayes, Mike Kroeber

Traffic Control - Deputy Chief Martin Kimball, Fire Cheif Larry Helms

Course Safety Control - Deputy Chief Martin Kimball

Finish Line/Scoring/Results - The Runners High: Mark Courtney, Dave Johnson, Chuck Bednar

Audio - John Varner of Wild Horse Entertainment, Wayne Hawthorne of C3, DJ Mr. Twister

Web Site - Jeremy Johns

Print Graphics - Becky Reilly

Tech Support - Jim Gibbons & Jim George

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